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Nordkalk Enrich® P


Nordkalk Enrich® P particles disperse evenly in the plastic matrix and produce a smooth surface with high gloss. This improves not only the mechanical properties but also the appearance. Due to the saving of TiO2 and binder, the economic efficiency is also increased.

Mechanical properties

Nordkalk Enrich® P opens up new development possibilities and improves mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance, notch toughness, tensile and elongation values. Compared to natural calcium carbonate, higher fracture values can be observed. The plastic components become more stable.

Sustainable solution

As a pure calcium carbonate-based product, Nordkalk Enrich® P is an environmentally friendly choice to meet stricter environmental targets and drive sustainable development such as reducing the carbon footprint.

Particle size in application

Due to the patented manufacturing process, the ultra-fine Enrich® products with a d50 % = 50 nm (depending on shear forces) can be easily and homogeneously incorporated into a plastic matrix. This results in a high gloss level and the mechanical performance (abrasion, notch toughness, tensile and elongation behaviour) is improved. Enrich® products hardly tend to agglomerate. They cover the plastic surface evenly, which increases light reflection and results in a significant improvement in gloss. The easy handling during storage and the simple and particularly small distribution in the production process distinguish Enrich® products from other ultra-fine calcium carbonate fillers.

Enrich® - more than just a PCC.

Hardly any agglomerates

patented production process

bright white

Hardly any electrostatic build-up

high gloss

easy integration into the plastic matrix

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