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We will be happy to send you samples of the product you are interested in.

Test our products

Would you like to put our products through their paces for your application? No problem! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and click on "Request without obligation".


Sample material

The sh minerals sample bucket

Three different sample buckets are available: The original sh minerals sample bucket for small quantities (1 litre) to get a first impression of the sh minerals products. Or the large buckets with 5 or 10 litres for first tests.


Test without obligation

The sh minerals sample bag

If you already know which product is the right one for you and more intensive tests are pending, then we recommend the sh minerals sample bags. You can order samples from a bag of 25 kg up to a complete pallet of 40 bags.

Ask us, we will help you and support you in your project.


For intensive tests

The sh minerals Big Bags

The really big ones. Just right if you need more material for extensive production tests. Order big bags with a typical capacity of 1000 kg as required.


Sample service