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In order to meet the demands of our customers in all respects, we have a wide range of products in our product portfolio. We ensure the highest quality of our products through extensive self-monitoring of production.



Whether in bright white paints and varnishes, in construction chemicals or in plastics, sh minerals offers you the right filler for your application. At our locations in the Swabian Alb (Baden-Württemberg) and in the Erzgebirge (Saxony), our production plants manufacture the right filler for you. You don't know which filler is right for you? Contact us directly via our contact form. We will be happy to advise you.

Grains & Flours

An extensive range of dried grains & flours are available for a variety of applications. Whether products made of bright white marble, very light Jurassic limestone or Jurassic yellow - we have the right product for every application. All our products are manufactured, monitored and delivered in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 12620. Extensive quality controls in our laboratories ensure the high standard of all our products. This ensures that we meet the high demands of our customers and of ourselves.

Concrete additives

Cement-bound components and building systems must meet the highest standards for safety and durability. This requires that all components work together unerringly within the formulation. The concrete additives from sh minerals are characterised by high purity. This raw material from nature is mined in our own deposits and prepared and ground in specially developed processes. The high purity and the precisely defined fineness of the grain groups guarantee that the chemical-physical processes during the hydration of the cement take place consistently and precisely. This ensures maximum safety in the production of a wide variety of concretes.

Lightweight fillers

Lightweight fillers weigh less than water and reduce the weight of end products such as fillers or moulded components. The hollow spheres are used in many areas of application, especially in the construction chemicals and plastics sectors. In addition, they provide better thermal insulation and insulation. The inclusion of large volume in the formulation of these products even increases the economic efficiency, as the expensive binder requirement can be reduced.


The Enrich products are ultra-fine precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) with a particle size distribution in the nanometre range (nm). Due to the patented manufacturing process and the applied dispersing aid, Enrich products can be easily stored and conveyed. Furthermore, they disperse evenly, even with low shear forces. The typical tendency of nanoparticles to agglomerate is significantly reduced.

Flame retardants

Flame retardants are used in coatings (wallpapers, PVC plastisol), in the manufacture of cables, extruded plastic profiles and many other applications. They actively contribute to flame retardancy and also result in more cost-effective formulations. PORTAFLAME® SG, LV, LSA, C, CA and SECUROC® C10, D10 - products are mineral, ground, non-toxic and halogen-free powders. The different grain distributions are of natural as well as synthetically precipitated origin.

Natural stone grains

Quarries and opencast mines are as old as mankind itself and are indispensable for the construction industry and thus for our everyday life. Our domestic raw materials have a lot to offer. For our customers, this means above all a very large selection of high-quality rocks for every area of application. In addition to the use of sands, chippings and gravels in road construction, building construction and civil engineering, they are also used in the production of high-quality concrete products, architectural concrete, but also in landscaping. Whether bright white marble from the Ore Mountains, yellow Jurassic limestone, grey-green amphibolite, red rhyolite, red and yellow granite, red porphyry tuff, Elbe gravel or dark basalt - good physical-technical properties as well as durability make the materials, which differ in shape and colour, high-quality natural stone aggregates.

Ornamental stones

Saxorund - artificially rounded (tumbled) natural stone granulations offer a variety of possibilities for the design and enhancement of buildings and gardens due to their different materials, shapes and colours. In modern gardening and landscaping, Saxorund stands for creativity, loosening up and, above all, design diversity. In combination with plants and flowers, an ambience that radiates style and liveliness is created.


Our animal feeds come from our high-purity calcite with a calcium carbonate content of up to 99 %. With our GMP+ B1 certified products, we are able to meet the highest demands of the feed industry. Whether in a silo train, with a tipper body or in the form of packaged goods, our feedstuffs arrive safely with you and your two or four-legged friends.