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Lightweight fillers from sh minerals

Lightweight fillers weigh less than water and reduce the weight of end products such as fillers or moulded parts. The hollow spheres are used in many areas of application, especially in the construction chemicals and plastics sectors. In addition, they provide better thermal insulation and insulation. The inclusion of large volume in the formulation of these products even increases the economic efficiency, as the expensive binder requirement can be reduced.


Hollow mineral spheres


AEROPOR® lightweight fillers are closed porous hollow mineral spheres from the group of aluminosilicates. The round and pressure-stable particles of mineral origin are characterised by a low water demand and a natural colour. Through a special thermal refinement process, the surface of the lightweight aggregate is sintered and makes further hydrophobisation unnecessary. In addition, they are manufactured in Germany.


Multi cellular lightweight fillers


sil-cell® hollow spheres are multi-cellular hollow spheres made of expanded volcanic rock. They are predominantly composed of spherical ("honeycomb structure") and flaky particles. This results in higher bond strengths than conventional hollow microspheres. A major advantage is the bright white colour of the sil-cell® types, which makes "colouristics" easier.


Alumosilicate hollow spheres


sh_cenospheres are spherical and low-dust alumosilicate hollow spheres, with very good pressure stability and a balanced density. They are easy to disperse and produce a ball-bearing effect.