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More than just a PCC

Nordkalk Enrich®

The Enrich® products are ultra-fine, precisely pipitised calcium carbonate (PCC) with a particle size distribution in the nanometre range (nm). Due to the patented manufacturing process and the applied dispersing aid, Enrich® products can be handled and conveyed with ease. Furthermore, they distribute evenly, even with low shear forces. The typical tendency of nanoparticles to agglomerate is significantly reduced.


Uniquely easy dispersibility

Enrich® C

Enrich® C was developed to reduce the TiO2 and binder content in paints and coatings. Without compromising quality in gloss and opacity!


Uniquely uniform particle size distribution

Enrich® P

Enrich® P was developed to reinforce products made of thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers. Due to the low agglomeration tendency, a high degree of gloss is achieved, which cannot be achieved with natural calcium carbonate.