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Easier processing and increased use

Our products as fillers for your concrete

Concrete is the building material of the 20th and 21st centuries. Concrete is loved and hated, but concrete is also the building material that flexibly gives shape to the wishes and dreams of builders and architects. The stone that can first take on all shapes in liquid form and then holds fast through its strength and density, over decades and even centuries. Our concrete admixtures are developed to make this liquid stone better, more flowable, early-high-strength and final-high-strength, brighter or more brilliant in colour, calmer and smoother on the surface, to better bring out structures. Our concrete admixtures are not just fillers. They bring out the best in your concrete and give you security.

sh minerals Portfolio

Application examples


Concrete block / artificial stone

Our group of companies has several rock deposits, some of which are unique in Germany. Together with our decentralised structure, we offer sustainable and regionally available raw materials. Whether concrete block, artificial stone, terrazzo or innovative carbon concrete - with our concrete additives, dried grains and undried natural stone grains, sh minerals also has the right product for you.



Architectural concrete

The Erzgebirge/Saxony region has the largest deposits of white marble in Germany. The raw material is optically sorted, which ensures a consistently stable product quality. In this way, functionality and individuality are combined. Highly white, highly crystalline and frost-resistant marble from Germany was used in the construction of representative buildings made of architectural concrete, such as the James Simon Gallery, the New Museum or the Mexican Embassy in Berlin. "Think globally, act regionally" - Shorter transport routes make an active contribution to environmental and climate protection!



Ready-mixed concrete

Concrete admixtures from sh minerals replace waste products such as fly ash in ready-mixed concrete, despite their lack of pozzolanic properties. Reliable availability and products of consistently high quality, such as concrete admixtures from sh minerals, make your work easier and give you peace of mind.



Precast elements

High early strengths, excellent fair-faced concrete properties, smooth and closed surfaces are not the only challenges for concretes in precast plants. Special challenges are posed when it comes to SRP/LVP or even UHPC. The concrete admixtures from sh minerals are designed to help you master the challenges and do so economically.