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Flame retardants

Flame retardants are used in coatings (wallpapers, PVC plastisol) in the manufacture of cables, extruded plastic profiles and many other applications. They actively contribute to flame retardancy and also result in more cost-effective formulations. PORTAFLAME® SG, LV, LSA, C, CA and SECUROC® C10, D10 products are mineral, ground, non-toxic and halogen-free powders. The different products are of natural as well as synthetically precipitated origin.


Your benefit

Flame retardant

Fire retardants slow down or prevent the spread of fires. To protect your combustible materials and finished parts and to meet fire protection requirements in the construction, transport and electrical sectors, our flame retardants are the right addition to your formulation.


Smoke suppression

In the event of a fire, it is important to contain the development of smoke. Our flame retardants help to suppress the development of smoke and thus prevent the dangers that can arise from smoke.


Safe source of raw material

The raw material is the aluminium ore bauxite, of which more than 300 million tonnes are mined worldwide every year. By applying the Bayer process, the iron oxide contained in the bauxite is separated and pure aluminium hydroxide (ATH) is obtained.


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