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sh minerals - together for our environment

Fillers and grains are our passion

We supply large parts of industry in Germany and Europe with mineral fillers and aggregates. This makes us one of the most important suppliers in this sector and of systemic importance. The awareness of this responsibility determines our actions. The raw materials for our products are extracted in long-term secured deposits of our own group of companies as well as from selected partner companies and processed into high-quality products. We are a medium-sized company. Speed, flexibility and customer proximity give us a competitive advantage.


Sustainability and environmental protection

We want to contribute to a world that offers a future worth living in. In particular, we make a significant contribution to the issue of climate protection: fillers usually replace expensive substances produced with high CO2 emissions, such as special binders. Through the use of our fillers, a significant optimisation of the CO2 balance is achieved in addition to an improvement in economic efficiency. We are constantly working on new solutions to increase the proportion of fillers in formulations. This saves resources and helps to protect the climate.



Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. They secure our jobs and the economic existence of our families. We provide our customers with added value, not just products and services. Our customers are long-term partners at eye level, regardless of customer size and turnover.


Quality policy

We have made it our business to permanently improve our products and services. Our ambition is therefore always to be the quality leader. An efficient quality management system helps us on this path.



We value, challenge and encourage our employees.
At sh minerals, every employee can make a significant contribution. Their experience, knowledge and creativity are the basis for our competitiveness. Every employee sets a good example, takes responsibility for his or her individual development, always acts with integrity and always aligns his or her behaviour and performance with the highest standards.

Our corporate culture provides the framework for fair cooperation. 


Economic efficiency

Economic thinking determines our decisions. This means achieving an appropriate return on investment, which creates the basis for growth, investment and sustainability.


Social responsibility

sh minerals is firmly rooted in the regions. We are aware of our social responsibility. This is expressed in the form of donations and active assistance. We support social institutions as well as facilities and projects at our sites. When we provide aid, we always first establish personal contact with the organisations. This ensures that the help arrives where it is needed.