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Mineral fillers and grains - Made in Germany

sh minerals GmbH is one of the most important suppliers of fillers and grains in Europe. We are part of the medium-sized Schön + Hippelein group of companies. We supply fillers and grains made of calcium carbonate (limestone) and dolomite from 5 group-owned sites in Germany.

Concrete additives, special lightweight fillers, precipitated calcium carbonate (pcc) and flame retardants complete our product range.



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Saxolith extra

Standard delivery programme

Product name Mean particle diameter (μm) Grain size distribution (μm)
Saxolith® 2 extra 2,5 0 - 13
Saxolith® 5 extra 5 0 - 25
Saxolith® 8 extra 6,5 0 - 35
Saxolith® 10 extra 10 0 - 55
Saxolith® 15 extra 15 0 - 80
Saxolith® 30 extra 30 0 - 130
Saxolith® 40 extra 25 0 - 160
Saxolith® 70 extra 40 0 - 160



With our high-purity CALCIT fillers from Heidenheim, we offer our customers products that have a very low abrasiveness and a much lower tendency to plating. Good dispersibility and good flow behaviour enable optimised processing as well as high filling levels in our customers' finished products. In addition, our bright white Saxolith extra grades from the Ore Mountains offer possibilities to produce coloured or white plastic compounds.

Paints & Lacquers

In the paint and varnish industry, whiteness of the fillers used as well as a constant consistent quality are particularly crucial. Our Saxolith extra grades - bright white fillers made in Germany - meet these requirements. With the extraction of the raw material from our own long-term secured deposits in the Ore Mountains, as well as the processing in modern production plants with the aid of optical sorting processes, we can supply our customers with fillers of consistently high quality all year round.

Construction chemicals

With our products from the Swabian Alb made of high-purity calcite and bright white marble from the Ore Mountains, we offer a wide selection of fillers for the most diverse applications in the field of construction chemicals. Whether for adhesives, fillers, sealants or levelling compounds, we have the right filler for you in our repertoire. In addition to our fillers made of marble and calcite, we also offer our customers a wide selection of lightweight fillers made of perlite. The AEROPOR® types we sell are characterised by their round grain shape and high compressive strength and thus offer an excellent alternative to cenospheres. Our sil-cell® types, on the other hand, have a very low density, are particularly free-flowing and have a snow-white colour.


Cement-bound components and building systems must meet the highest standards for safety and durability. This requires that all components work precisely within the formulation and are delivered in consistently high quality. With the concrete admixtures sh_compact®, sh_easyflow® and sh_stoneash®, products have been developed that specifically influence and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete in consistently high quality. sh minerals is the only supplier of bright white marble products whose raw material is both extracted and processed in Germany. In addition to flours and grains in the range of 0 - 3.0 mm as well as coarse aggregates 0-32 mm, we have the right product - whether for concrete block or artificial stone, whether for aesthetically demanding architectural concrete or innovative carbon concrete. The range is rounded off with aggregates made of Jura limestone, green amphibolite and red quartz porphyry from our own group of companies.

Plaster & Mortar

With our own long-term secured deposits in Heidenheim and the Ore Mountains, sh minerals has a broad base of raw materials that are produced in Germany. Whether for your finishing plaster, base plaster, mortar or screed, sh minerals offers the right raw material for your products. In addition to grains and fillers made from high-purity calcite, we also offer optically sorted products made from high-white marble. Specially integrated optical sorting methods in our production process enable us to produce high-white grains and fillers in a consistent quality that meets the highest requirements.


In addition to our fillers and grains for industrial applications, sh minerals offers specially manufactured products for agriculture and the animal feed industry. Our products made from high-purity calcite have a calcium carbonate content of almost 99%. As a GMP+ certified company, we meet all the requirements to supply you with our fillers and grains.

Environmental technology

Our grains and fillers with a purity of almost 99 % calcium carbonate content comply with DIN EN 1018 and are already used in the field of water treatment. Further application examples in the field of environmental technology are the use in sewage treatment plants for pH value adjustment or in coal-fired power plants for flue gas desulphurisation.

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sh minerals combines economy, sustainability and climate protection:
With our innovative fillers made from natural calcium carbonate, we replace materials produced with high CO2 emissions, such as special binders.
In this way, we achieve an improvement in economic efficiency and make a significant contribution to climate protection.

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