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A career with us means personal growth

sh minerals as an employer

If YOU want to grow with us, then NOW is the right time. We want employees who have a hands-on mentality and who tackle challenges proactively as part of a team. You will receive the best breeding ground for this! If this applies to you, then we are looking for exactly you.

Come and rock the industry!

Value- and employee-oriented

Our corporate culture

Independent work

We believe in the abilities of our employees. We therefore enable independent and self-reliant work throughout the company. Everyone is aware of their individual tasks and scope for action and provides information when support is needed.

Error culture

We live an open error culture - mistakes can be made, because we learn from them as an organisation. We admit our mistakes, address them openly and work together to avoid them in the future.


Everyone in the company is responsible for a value-creating flow of information: Those who have relevant information are responsible for passing it on to the appropriate parties. Anyone who is in need of information or identifies a knowledge gap is responsible for getting the missing information.


Having responsibility means having the freedom to shape. But responsibility also means the duty to deliver results.  Employees put their heart and soul into the tasks assigned to them, make independent decisions within their area of responsibility and are transparent about the resulting outcomes.


Honesty is one of our core values - we actively live it in our daily interaction with each other, as well as externally with customers and other partners.

Leadership by example

Lead as an example - we believe that setting an example of desired behaviour is the best way to establish shared values and goals. This applies to leadership as well as to behaviour towards each other.

Feedback culture

Constructive feedback is a gift that helps employees and the company to grow steadily. In an appropriate form, feedback is desired and encouraged - we live feedback in daily interaction and within all levels of the company.


We value the commitment of our employees - those who give 100% of themselves and contribute to achieving the company's goals are entitled to job security wherever possible.

Willingness for personal development

We believe in lifelong learning and want all our employees to have the courage to continuously develop themselves, to learn and to go new ways. Change is an opportunity, not a threat.
Or you can try your luck!

Speculative application

If you have not found a suitable job offer, we would also be pleased to receive your speculative application. Let us know what qualifications and practical experience you have and why you would like to work for us. Please send your application to:

sh minerals GmbH
In the Waibertal
89520 Heidenheim