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Pure raw material from nature

Concrete additives from sh minerals

Cement-bound building components and systems must meet the highest standards of safety and durability. This requires that all components interact unerringly within the formulation. The concrete additives from sh minerals are characterised by their high purity. This raw material from nature is mined in our own deposits and prepared and ground using specially developed processes. The high purity and the precisely defined fineness of the grain groups guarantee that the chemical-physical processes during the hydration of the cement are consistent and precise. This ensures maximum safety in the production of a wide variety of concretes.


Your advantages at a glance

⇒ Reliable availability

⇒ Targeted improvement of concrete properties

⇒ Better, denser and brighter surfaces

⇒ High purity

⇒ Defined production - consistent quality

The fast one


sh_compact® is the concrete additive with an extremely high proportion of microfine particles. This leads to an acceleration of the hydration process via the formation of crystallisation nuclei. The water demand of the formulation decreases significantly, packing densities are increased and early and final strengths are controlled in a targeted manner. Moderate heat development during the hydration process leads to a reduction of shrinkage and stress cracks.


The flowable one


sh_easyflow® is manufactured according to a specially developed production process. The cubic grain shape and a specially adjusted grain distribution ensure excellent flow properties and robust concretes. sh_easyflow® is the ideal admixture for "intelligent" concretes with light colour and optimal exposed concrete surfaces.


The sustainable one


For decades, fly ash was the concrete admixture for ready-mixed concrete and concrete products. This era is coming to an end. CO2 savings and alternative energies are increasingly coming into focus, leading to a shortage of fly ash: less coal means less fly ash. sh_stoneash® is the safe alternative, as it is not a secondary product, but a specifically produced concrete additive. At any time, in any quantity and in consistently high quality. That is sh_stoneash®.