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Nordkalk Enrich® C

Nordkalk Enrich® C has been developed to meet increasing demands and improvements of paints and varnishes. In this respect, Nordkalk Enrich® C is perfectly suited as a TiO2 - extender for various interior and exterior paints, as well as for lacquers, floor paints and other products with different pigment volume concentrations (PVK). Even in a matt paint with high PVC content, ultrafine Enrich® particles can replace the amount of TiO2 by up to 10-25 %. Further optimisation of the formulation allows binder substitutions between 10-20 %. By coating the surface with dispersing aid, Enrich® products can be easily conveyed and easily dispersed.


Nordkalk Enrich® C Properties

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Colours & Coatings

Enrich® C consists of homogeneous ultrafine particles in the nanometre range with a d50 of approx. 50 - 130 nm (depending on the actual shear forces). In addition, the particles fill the paint surface, increasing light reflection and achieving a significant improvement in gloss.

Enrich® - more than just a PCC.

Hardly any agglomerates, patented manufacturing process, bright white, hardly any electrostatic adhesion, high gloss, very easy dispersion.

hardly any agglomerates

patented manufacturing process

bright wight

Hardly any electrostatic build-up

high gloss

very easy dispersion

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