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Made in Germany


AEROPOR® lightweight fillers are closed porous hollow mineral spheres from the group of aluminosilicates. The round and pressure-stable particles of mineral origin are characterised by a low water demand and a natural colour. Through a special thermal refinement process, the surface of the lightweight aggregate is sintered and makes further hydrophobisation unnecessary. Moreover, they are manufactured in Germany.




low water demand

natural colour

pure mineral

Made in Germany

Particle size distribution

AEROPOR® is available in 7 particle size distributions as packaged goods (paper bags or big bags) and also loose in silo truck loads.


Standard delivery programme

Product name Effective density g/cm3 Grain size distribution (μm)
AEROPOR® 150 0,81 45 - 150
AEROPOR® 180 0,70 50 - 180
AEROPOR® 300 0,65 50 - 300
AEROPOR® 500 0,60 250 - 500
AEROPOR® 1000 0,50 500 - 1000
AEROPOR® 2000 0,20 200 - 2000
Eine große Anzahl Unternehmen aus unterschiedlichen Branchen vertrauen bereits den Vorteilen von AEROPOR


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