We see ourselves as a service provider and hence want to provide our clients with the best service possible.

That means in particular:

  • We act in a customer-orientated manner
  • We develop individual and customized solutions
  • We support our clients on-site

At our production site in Heidenheim, products may be shipped or loaded 24/7.
Our blending stations at the production site in Lengefeld allow individual and customized product mixtures of all sorts of Saxogran®- and Saxocarb® combinations at consistent quality.

In using our concrete additives, our clients also have access to our proficient know-how and support: Starting from formula proposals and performance records via laboratory tests to the on-site realization.

Due to our close collaborations and partnerships with reliable freight forwarding companies, our products are delivered in top-quality and as scheduled - either as bulk goods, in big bags or as bagged goods.