For optimized concretes

Based on the latest technological insights regarding concrete additives and a variety of own research results, we developed our concrete additive sh_easyflow®
is based on a very pure natural calciumcarbonate and gets generated during a specially developed procedure.


  • Precast concrete components
  • Self-compacting concrete (SVB/scc)
  • Easily-compacting concrete (LVB)
  • Facing concretes
  • Shotcrete
  • Ultra-High-Performance-Concrete (UHPC)

Your benefits

  • Improved flowability
  • Reduced sedimentation
  • Reduction of shrinkling and bleeding
  • Reduced corrosion on steel formworks
  • Smooth surfaces without bubbles and porosities
  • Less wastage
  • Brighter colour of hardened concrete
  • Improved strenghts and higher early-strenghts of concrete
  • Optimized cost-effectiveness
Betonformelement mit sh_easyflow