Our products are used in many different areas of everyday life and industry. Thanks to their special properties, they can be used for example to substitute parts of cost-intensive synthetics, offering both: environmental and economic benefits.


Construction Renders and plasters, mortars, screeds, road building materials, cement, bituminous road surfacing
Concrete Precast concrete, artificial stone, concrete bricks, ready-mixed concrete, SSC/ easy-to-mix concrete, shotcrete, UHPC
Plastics Industry Thermoplastics, duroplastics and elastomers: e.g. PVC, PP, PE, UP, PU, PUR, rubber, TPE
Agriculture Feed, fertilizer/agriculture lime
Environmental technology Water treatment, sewage works, smoke desulfurization
Construction Chemistry Adhesives, spattling compounds, sealant, levelling compounds
Paints and varnishes Emulsion paint, mixing color, varnish
Other Applications Adhesives, glass, food, cleaning agents and polish, pharmaceuticals, casting, pet food, carrier material, linoleum, bricks, roofing tiles, carpet backing, decorative stones, quartz powder/sand substitutes